Joe Jarvis’ Excellent Adventure

I try not to be too serious a person, yet the first blog and website I created is all about politics… which doesn’t tend to be the most lighthearted subject. It gets heavy man, and I need to expand my focus to express the fun, adventuring, laughing, ridiculous, kind of silly philosophical side of me. I am going to write about strange and interesting things that I think, see, and experience. I am going to muse about life, and rant about what annoys me.

Maybe I’ll show you where I go, or tell you what I foraged. I’ll share some theories on the afterlife and religion that are almost certainly false. I am going to demonstrate some delish food I make (like the banana I took today and cut up, mixed with melted dark chocolate, topped with granola, and would have topped with whipped cream if I had any in the house). Hey I might even tell you how to live your life, and you can tell me in the comments section how much of a pretentious asshole I am. That’s what the internet’s all about!

Hopefully I don’t get sued for the references to old movies and TV shows in my titles. Can the phrase “excellent adventure” even be considered intellectual property? Probably not. But that’s what I am doing, going on an excellent adventure, and taking you along for the ride.

Today I decided to attempt to enjoy every second of life because like, that’s the point of life, right? Not just hedonism, there are plenty of ways to enjoy life without the baser and carnal distractions… but those are pretty fun too, eh? eh? Okay I’ll stop.

But seriously, it doesn’t make sense that we only feel good while we are on vacations, or just for the weekend, or just an hour a day. I’ve got to assume we only do this life thing once, and should do everything we can to get it right. Or maybe we go around a million times and the previous life decides where we start the next one, in which case you still want to make the most of life. I’m being broad and cliche right now but its an introduction, cut me some slack. We’ll have plenty of time to go into detail, at which point I’ll drop the cliches, and whisper sweet nothings in your ear.

And this blog is my tool for making sure I don’t forget the goal I set today, which is to feel this good everyday, find the fun in everything, don’t be afraid to go out on a limb, talk to people, seek out experiences, and take chances. If I go a week without posting, it probably means I am failing. Or it could mean I am accomplishing my goal so well that something crazy and unexpected has hampered my posting, like a spontaneous visit to the Yanomamö tribe of Brazil to participate in their ash eating ritual of cremated relatives. But hopefully my experiences will be somewhere in between and I’ll post regularly.



7 thoughts on “Joe Jarvis’ Excellent Adventure

    • First comment Derrick!! 🙂 Thanks for following, but I can’t do this alone! I look forward to blogging about the next time we hang out and tear up the town! Whatever town that may be… (this is the effect PorcFest has on me! haha)

  1. “at which point I’ll drop the cliches, and whisper sweet nothings in your ear.” haha yes Joe, please do.

  2. Great idea — I had to do the same since for whatever reason I’m drawn to politics despite their absolutely depressing nature. I started a personal blog at to talk about daily whatevers including my pets, philosophy, and the philosophy of owning pets. 🙂

    • That’s actually really funny that we both had a political blog that grated on us. I think it says something about us, like suggesting we actually care and take these things to heart. It sucks to see the negative in the world, and it sucks when you try to point out the causes and offer solutions only to have some people spew vitriolic hatred at you.

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