Whatever Floats Your Boat

floats boat

Right?! Live and let live. The only limit on someone’s freedom should be when their actions start limiting others’ freedom.

I like to picture myself as a wild stallion who cannot be tamed! Now keep in mind, wild stallions don’t get paid much… but its worth it sometimes, and I can always just forage for food if things get rough. Over the years I’ve been gearing more towards experiences to make me happy than material things—though I won’t pretend I’m void of earthly possessions, I still want to be a millionaire. But I really think my desire for money is coupled with my desire for freedom. I just want to do me, and not bow to the pressures of society. Some of that you can do without money, but I also want to see the world, and eat stuff I didn’t forage! Ah, I suppose we are all in a similar conundrum. Unless you keep reading my blog(s), then maybe I’ll be freed!

I think there’s a point somewhere in all that rambling.


2 thoughts on “Whatever Floats Your Boat

    • aww 😦 I’m sorry to hear that! Real life does sorta suck the life out of you! But someday soon you’ll be drinkin ice tea on your back porch in the Georgia heat… I’m assuming.

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