Spontaneous Weekend in New York City

I almost decided not to go to New York City this weekend to visit my friends. It was Thursday night, and I still hadn’t bought the bus ticket out of Providence. Parking was going to be at least $20 a day, and I was trying to keep this trip relatively cheap. It would be a hassle, I was nervous to go all alone, and I was starting to think it might just be easier to forget about it.

But I am so glad I went! It was a blast. Luckily my wonderful parents volunteered to drive me to and from the bus station in Providence, saving me the parking cost. The bus ride was relatively short and easy, and NYC is conveniently laid out in grid format, so I knew exactly where I needed to go from 27th St to get to 67th. One trip to New York City for the last decade, and I feel like I could get around better than in Boston. But then again Boston is essentially paved cow paths…

Anyway I admittedly had a pretty negative opinion of New York City, in terms of crime and cleanliness. I was pleasantly surprised though; never did I feel unsafe on my trip, and its no dirtier than any other city. Central Park exceeded expectations, and we played some frisbee on the well manicured lawn. I got to do a little walking tour with my buddies around the city. We went out at night to some fun bumpin clubs and they don’t close early like the law requires in Massachusetts.

If I hadn’t gone I wouldn’t have got this great NYC experience, and got to see more of the world. I may have still had my own kind of fun, but this was new and exciting. I think the pre-this-blog me would have abandoned the plans last minute because of the hassle. Don’t do that if you get the chance, just go for it.

I sat in the guest chair on the set of David Letterman where my friend worked until just a few weeks ago…

photo 3-1

photo 1

I also got a picture outside of the New York Stock Exchange and with the Charging Bull on Wall Street (although in the picture it looks more like a lovingly nudging bull). By the way, fun fact that my Dad taught me: it was called Wall Street because when NYC was first being settled and created by Europeans, there was literally a wall on the edge of Wall Street that separated the Native American wilderness from the City.

photo 3

photo 2

I also checked out the Statue of Liberty and Freedom Tower from a distance.

photo 5

photo 4

And this was the lobster ravioli’s I got at Amici, which claims to have been John Gotti’s favorite restaurant. Not sure if that should be something to brag about, him being a brutal mobster… but hey that’s their claim to fame. Please excuse the mid chew face.

photo-6And I saw a guy walking around with a cat on his head… probably should have grabbed a pic of that, oh well, maybe next time. I like the fact that I can have as much fun hiking in the secluded White Mountain wilderness of New Hampshire as I have buzzing around New York City surrounded by millions of people. Variety is always enjoyable to me, and that’s what I try to do, switch it up.



2 thoughts on “Spontaneous Weekend in New York City

  1. New York City is my favorite place on earth! I plan to live there one day, but not right now. An anarchist living in NYC today is like a Jew living in Berlin in the 1930’s. I love to visit often, but maybe when the police state cools off a bit, it will be lovely to return there for good. My ultimate dream is an apartment overlooking Central Square. Isn’t it a magical place?

    • I was very pleasantly surprised, I definitely was influenced by only seeing the negatives that come out of NYC in the news. My friend’s apartment was about 2 blocks from central park, which I was also surprised by, how well maintained and such. I love visiting cities… not sure if i could ever live there though. If I’m gonna be alone, I don’t want to be alone surrounded by millions of people.

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