Four Personalities: I am Sanguine. What are You?

Every since my sister introduced me to the four personalities or temperaments the other day, I have been obsessed and got a lot of my friends to take the test as well. This is by no means a definitive test, and the more times you take it the more accurate it will be. It will represent you to varying degrees, and practically no one fits 100% into one category or another. It is just a means for understanding yourself, and helping you interact with others. But as someone interested in sociology, this struck a nerve with me and I just absolutely wanted to know everything about these personalities, how they interact, and where each of my friends and family fall. For more legit and detailed descriptions, and to take the test just follow this link.

Me: Sanguine: This is the fun loving social butterfly, possible party animal who expresses their emotions. A sanguine enjoys being the center of attention (go figure, I started a blog called Joe Jarvis Explains It All), but will do things for his own amusement as much as for others’. “They enjoy social situations, and believe that everyone else would too”. This quote was funny to me, because I do sort of have a habit of assuming everyone wants to get in on a nice rowdy night of camaraderie and shenanigans. I have been quite befuddled by the person who stays home rather than joining the party! That’s part of why I like this personality test, it reminds me that I need to realize everyone doesn’t think like me… in fact I am the minority in many ways. But that is fine with me, I want to be the minority, if you stick out like a sore thumb you get that much more attention. Yes, I like attention and I can embrace that. The downside to being sanguine is the possibility for shallowness and vanity.


Choleric: This was my sub personality, the second strongest (though I can see elements of all the 4 personalities in myself). A choleric is the born leader, they have a plan, and know how to execute that plan. They can be a little over the top dominant sometimes; think captain of the football team or the my-way corporate boss. Though driven, their downfall can be their desire to be right all the time or “win” an argument, even if they have to resort to lies or yelling. They speak their minds, which again, can be good or bad; there is a fine line between tough love and being rude. The alpha dog.

Phlegmatic: There was a certain desire while taking the test for it to turn out Phlegmatic (like Harry Potter begging to be put into Gryffindor by the sorting hat). But its okay, although I often find it fun to go with the flow, it feels unnatural to be a follower. A phlegmatic is definitely the chillest of the personality types, who really just want to see peace and harmony among the group. Like a sanguine they promote team cohesion, but it is through love, understanding, and conflict resolution, rather than the entertainment and encouragement of a sanguine. They aviod controversy, and will stay silent rather than saying the wrong thing. “Can’t we all just get along?” Though there is something to be said against being too easily influenced by others.

Melancholic: I can’t resist the desire to tease my sister, knowing she will read this, who said something along the lines of, “Of course I have the worst one”, thus confirming she is a melancholic. (Then again maybe I am being too sanguine in assuming she will take my jest lightly). But really the melancholic has a lot of great traits, that might be somewhat overshadowed by their general pessimism and somewhat withdrawn nature. But the reason for this is basically that they are perfectionists, and therefore almost necessarily fall below their own standards set for themselves. In reality they are probably the smartest people in society (think scientists and programmers), because they are analytic, and desire truth, not just to “be right” like the choleric. In fact melancholics might argue, but for a completely different reason than the choleric; they cannot stand the fact that a lie is being promoted, or an untruth taken as gospel. Their desire to set the universe right is what will constantly dog them, because it is a righteous goal impossible to achieve. A melancholic is emotional, but in a different way than the sanguine; the melancholic is more sensitive and may dwell on an injustice, while the sanguine’s emotions are fleeting. “People of the melancholic temperament might perceive a room of twenty strangers as frightening or uncomfortable, while a sanguine might see them as opportunities to meet new friends.”

[Off topic but, oh man I totally just realized that J.K. Rowling almost certainly made each house in Hogwarts into a personality, right? Hufflepuff is definitely phlegmatic, and Slytherin almost certainly choleric, which would make sense that Gryffindor is sanguine, and Ravenclaw melancholic. Any Harry Potter fans want to give me their thoughts on this? Alternatively I could see Gryffindor as choleric, Slytherin melancholic, Ravenclaw sanguine, and Hufflepuff still phlegmatic.]

Seriously, if there is one post I want a giant discussion on, it is this one. Come on, it will be fun, says the sanguine. All you cholerics go ahead and make your case for why you’re not an asshole. Don’t be afraid to join in, melancholics, I know you are reading and rereading your comment before posting it to make sure your grammar is correct, and your argument logically laid out; its great, seriously. And really, phlegmatics, I know you just want to read everyone else’s comments, but the discussion will be lacking without you! Maybe you can find an argument, and tell us why both sides have a valid point, and should come together.

Also, as I said, these are new terms to me, so if I messed up the descriptions of any of them, or misrepresented them, please correct me in the comments below! Tell me which personality type YOU are and how this has worked for you; your experiences negative or positive in coping! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Four Personalities: I am Sanguine. What are You?

  1. I got Phlegmatic with a side of Cholera, I mean choleric. It says that Phlegmatic means i am indecisive which makes sense because it generally takes me 40 minutes to decide on a sandwich, even though it’s always turkey. But choleric is like the complete opposite of Phlegmatic, so what i am gathering is that I am all over the place or really don’t know who i am, or didn’t understand half the words on that survey. OR maybe I have been phlegmatic my whole life and am on my way to becoming choleric because i am tired of being shy and indecisive. Or maybe I have multiple personality disorder. Either way.

    • Such a phlegmatic response! haha just kidding, I was pretty certain you would be phlegmatic, but the choleric secondary also doesn’t surprise me because you have goals and know how to get there. I lolled at the sandwich/its always turkey comment. It’s like you’re phlegmatic since you don’t care one way or another on stupid things, and choleric because you know when to be like, “Uh no, you’re an idiot, I’m right”. Actually that’s a pretty solid secondary for a phlegmatic to have, since it means you have enough leader in you to not blindly follow or be negatively influenced.

  2. I got Sanguin! I totally thought I was going to be melancholic. I was hoping for it!

    I wasn’t sure this was me until I got to the bottom of the page and it said, “In our distant past, the sanguine members of the pack might have played a supportive, encouraging, social role. They would have been the glue that kept the group together. In modern society, you might see them as entertainers, singers, dancers, or perhaps simply as the energetic people at parties.” Yup.

    I got Choleric for backup, too. Is this test rigged??

    There’s definitely a piece of each personality in all of us, but I have to agree with the assessment. Social, expressive, and attention-seeking, while providing support and encouragement. My favorite quote: “The embarrassment of making a fool of themselves is outweighed by the pleasure of putting on a show.” Pretty much.

    • haha Derrick I love how we get the same ones! And I too felt really good about being the social glue, and totally see that in me (as well as you, prob more so) where i like to see everyone having fun, I always am making sure people don’t feel left out and such. I also had a slight desire for melancholic, because of the analytical side, and since I argue because of perceived injustices, and my desire to right them.

  3. I took it twice first time I got Mel/chol, second time I got chol/Mel. I am definitely melancholic. I am such an introvert, there is no way around it. (Camping alone at Porcfest!) But I am ok with that. I know that I need time alone to recharge and I will physically and emotionally feel like crap if I don’t. So, why fight it? Sometimes I think it is impossible to get enough time alone! I also think that I am a very interesting person, but very few people take the time to find out, because it takes a long time for me to trust them. Yes, the perfectionist thing can be as miserable as it sounds. I think I’ve relaxed a little bit. At least with people I’m not living with.

    Joe, another really interesting personality test is at I think you’d really enjoy it. It’s a Myers-Briggs type test.

    P.S. I’ve re-read this at least 5 times. Lol.

    • See, and here I am not having bothered to take it a second time! I love that thought, I have such respect for melancholics, and a little jealousy, because I think you have a perspective that I lack. I definitely do not enjoy being alone (generally), and at porcfest it was a move out of my comfort zone to go for the first few days alone, though I think my sanguine personality kicked in too make me quickly integrate. And I have got to admit Amy, there was a certain mysterious stranger aura about you, which makes more sense now; something like I knew there was tremendous depth yet saw the skeptical side where you wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) just let just anyone in. In this way I feel a little embarrassed as a sanguine, as the description says usually all it takes is to know their name to be friends. Again though, I know it is a generalization, and there are pieces of each in all of us; I know I have a small number of tight knit friends, while I am in fact quite willing to give new people whose names I just learned (or haven’t yet) a chance.

      I am going to have to check that out, i love this sort of stuff! I remember searching for all sorts of personality tests a few years back. Its that sociology/ psychology interest i think.

      (And I only read this back through once :p haha)

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