Solid Day of Canoeing on My Favorite Lake


Yesterday’s canoe trip to a lake a couple towns over started off a bit rough. When I turned the canoe over to put it on my car, there were various species of spiders living on and inside, with about 6,000 baby spiders each. I felt a little bad hosing them off, but I wasn’t about to share my canoe trip with them. Then, before we hoisted the canoe on top of the car, a small snake appeared on the back of the canoe. Now although I am not afraid of snakes, I couldn’t help but freak out a bit because when I say appeared, I mean it was not there one second, and was there the next second. I have no idea where it came from, though my friend thinks it may have been tossed into the canoe from the opening of my car’s trunk. We just tipped the canoe to let him escape into the woods.


It was like a mini-horror movie… but not really. The rest of the trip was quite a good time. Had some subs out on the lake, visited some islands, ate some wild blueberries, tossed some logs into a tree for sport… and it miraculously became art.


Is it horrible that we fed some ants to the school of fish by the shore on one of the islands? I mean, fish need to eat too…


Alex struck a gargoyle pose after shoving off… or he might have been stuck I’m not sure.


It was slightly cloudy, but that didn’t ruin anything. In fact it might have been better with the cooler weather.


A good shot from the bow…


And of the stern with Steve’s finger in it (btw thanks Steve for taking all these pictures)…


And yes I had to look up the terms bow and stern…




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