“Hippie Hole” in Vermont

One highlight from this weekend was swimming in the “Hippie Hole” in Montgomery Vermont. It was later in the afternoon, and the water was ice cold, but I could not resist jumping in, a couple minutes after these pictures were taken. I got used to it pretty quickly and managed to swim around for a couple minutes, and jump in a couple more times. Swimming up the little carved out rock section felt magical, and putting my head under the waterfall was refreshing/ gave me an ice-cream headache.



You may have noticed I have travelled to a lot of surrounding areas this summer for mini-vacations. That sort of goes back to the purpose of this blog in making sure I enjoy every moment, and have fun with life. Not everyone likes to travel, but I realized after the cruise I went on this February to the Caribbean that going places and seeing new things is one of the things I enjoy the most. I am thrilled to have gotten the opportunity to travel, since February to Indianapolis, New York City, Vermont, and multiple places in New Hampshire, and still have time to explore new places in Massachusetts great for hiking, like the Douglas State Forest, and the Blackstone River. I even managed to visit the old spots too like my favorite local lake.

But hiking, nature, traveling, exercise, cooking, writing, and foraging are what works to keep me energized and happy, not necessarily everyone else. I think its good for people to explore some hobbies or interests and really find their niche in terms of what makes them tick. Having goals, big and small, is a great way to remain positive and steer clear of any ruts. Gaining skills and knowledge, whether for a practical purpose, or just for fun, is also key to loving every moment of life, instead of waiting for the weekend, or a vacation.

Heading into the winter can be daunting, especially in New England. I have another vacation to Florida planned for November to remedy this in part. But it doesn’t have to be that drastic to keep you going strong. Maybe set a goal for something to accomplish this winter, or pick up a new hobby that can keep you busy inside when the weather gets rough. Or perhaps just step back and enjoy the moment, which is also super important to remaining excited about life, in my opinion. I’m looking forward to picking apples, and just got the urge to chop some wood, but for now, I’m going to go outside and enjoy this weather!


2 thoughts on ““Hippie Hole” in Vermont

    • This was a while back so i cant remember the road names. Do you have a basic idea? Because theres a path on the road off the highway. The road is a loop and you go up the left hand street only a few hundred feet i believe and park on the right

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