Deceivingly Easy Meal to Make: Eggplant Parmesan

I almost forwent writing this post, because I was like, this is so easy everyone must know this. Then it occurred to me that a) everyone probably doesn’t know (or just hasn’t given it any thought) how to make eggplant parmesan, and b) this would be a good opportunity to give everyone an idea for something that is actually pretty easy and quick to make, but feels like you are eating in a 5 star restaurant.

So you just start by slicing an eggplant across so you have circles, dripping a bit of olive oil on one side, and placing that side face down on the baking pan. I pre-heated the oven to 350 and this seemed about right. to spread the olive oil I dripped some on one piece, and then rubbed that eggplant section together with another.


Next, I globbed a bit of sauce on each piece, and spread it around with a spoon. Some people leave more eggplant showing on top, but I prefer to have the whole thing covered when it is done baking, that way it is more moist instead of dry. Just ignore the stained pan, you can substitute a cleaner one if you wish. Either way.


Next you simply cut up the cheese, and put it on top. Though next time I would probably keep the cheese more centered, because some of it dripped off the side. Then again this made the cheese that dripped onto the pan crispy, which added a delicious crunch. Anyway I know it is called eggplant parmesan, but I didn’t have any parmesan, but I had plenty of smoked gouda. And honestly, it might have been better; it was at least just as gouda. Okay I apologize for that, please don’t stop reading, but I couldn’t resist.


Pop that in the oven for about 40 minutes, and while you wait, cook up the rest of this phenomenal cuisine! Throw on some boiling water for the pasta of your choice, and throw some olive oil in a pan to cook up some green and/or spicy peppers. I used two types of peppers, one spicy one not, garlic (the more the merrier in my opinion), rosemary, salt, pepper, and at the end I threw in a splash of lemon juice. This doesn’t have to sauté for that long since the peppers are sliced thin. Maybe 5 minutes on medium, or a little longer if you want to keep it lower and not let it get cold before the eggplant is done.


Alright pasta should be ready, peppers are ready, eggplant “parmesan” is finishing up. Go ahead and make it look pretty. Throw some spaghetti down, drizzle the olive oil/peppers blend over the top, and grab the best looking slices of eggplant and place them on the side. I’m gonna go ahead and pair this wonderful meal with a Pumpkin Rye Ale Shandy. It was brewed with lemon peels, so it matches the lemon in the olive oil sauce. (Is that how that works? I honestly have no idea if that beer went well with the meal. I know it tasted good. Should I have just gone with it, and let you all think I’m some sort of food/beer pairing connoisseur?)


Voila! Bon apetite! I just like this meal because it was filling, delicious, easy, and actually pretty good for you! Great vegetarian option as well. Now would this go with a red wine, because of the sauce on the eggplant, or white, because of the olive oil sauce on the pasta?


4 thoughts on “Deceivingly Easy Meal to Make: Eggplant Parmesan

  1. This looks easy and tasty. Will try this after next trip to the market. Would totally pair with red wine. Or the pumpkin beer–that sounds like it would go nicely, especially this time of year when pumpkin *everything* is right around the corner.

    • haha I almost felt cliché for having pumpkin beer, but I was you know what, I like pumpkin beer, I’m not going to be bullied! 😛

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