Nashoba Valley Brewery and Orchards

Right off 495 in central Massachusetts is a great place to go pick apples, or take a tour of the brewing and winemaking facilities. This brewery is located right on an orchard and farm that produces much of the ingredients that go into the wine. They have a variety of wine that I tried at their tasting bar (just $6 for a tasting, $10 for a tour), and got my included wine glass to take home. But let’s be honest… I’ve done all this before, about a half dozen times. It is a great place to return to year after year.


They mostly had golden delicious available for picking, which made me branch out, since I would usually go for the macintosh and cortland varieties. But The golden are indeed delicious, and I have already started making some super apple products. My favorite is an apple salsa I threw together with chopped up apples, ginger, red pepper, garlic, turmeric, and a little olive oil. I also probably threw some salt and a couple other spices in there… it’s fun to experiment, but it means never really making the same thing twice.


It was the epitome of a new england day, mid sixties, dry, sunny; crisp as the apples we were picking. It was actually pretty busy around the brewery for the early afternoon on a Friday, but out in the orchard we didn’t run into too many people.


Don’t worry about those apples on the ground, they are what will be used for cider! It is always good to take a step back, slow down, and enjoy the scenery. This is the part of New England I would miss. The quickly approaching frigid temperatures though… not so much.


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