Winter Blues

Winter does a number on me, as it affects many negatively. This just strengthens my conviction to move somewhere that is warmer all year round. The winter offers a snowball effect to derail many things that make me and others happy.

It is cold. Perhaps this in and of itself would not be such a big deal, but the cold makes me more likely to stay indoors. The problem is, I love the outdoors! It takes that much more effort to go outside though, and that much more energy to enjoy the time outside—a natural warm breeze can invigorate me, and the only good thing about a cold wind is that summer seems so much better in comparison.

I exercise less. With effort I can change this, but the cold is a large disincentive to excercise. Even going to the gym seems undesirable in the cold, and I am less willing to get off the couch, covered by a blanket, and lift some weights. Running outside is essentially off the table for me, despite the people who tell me, “you’ll only be cold for a few minutes”. Then I’ll be sweaty and chaffing in the dry weather.

It gets dark so early. Even in the summertime there is something about when the sun goes down that can trigger those existential thoughts about the inevitability of death. Also, brightness is just happier! I go fewer places and do fewer things. It is not so much that these things are impossible in winter, there are just extra barriers. And when physical barriers are coupled with mental barriers, the tipping point of, “I’m gonna go do it!” becomes harder to reach. Sometimes it is indeed the snow that traps me indoors.

But all is not hopeless!

It just takes is a little strong will, positive vibes, and determination to get yourself out of a funk and just be happy! That is what I talked about last weekend as a guest on the radio show “Under the Gun”. Generally we discuss politics, in reference to my other blog, but this time we did a “happy show” which focused more on the subjects discussed in this blog.

The recording cuts in after the intro for some reason, but the only thing you miss is the Mark Twain quote which starts the show: “Whenever you find yourself in the majority, pause and reflect”. I cannot embed the half hour show here, so if you want to listen, click here to go to my other blog, and listen there. Let Joe Jarvis explain it all with his voice, instead of his keyboard!


Well, what are you thinking?

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