What’s “Hot” for Society

There was a time when a tan was unattractive because it meant you were poor and worked in the fields, while pale skin was sexy because it signified you were wealthy enough to not have to work.

Likewise being a bit on the heavy side was once a desirable trait, because it signified that you were healthy and had means to provide. Skinny was a look for the poor… because they were starving.

I was think the other about how when I put a suit on, it makes me want to put one hand in my pocket and swing the other. I feel slick, and my steps have a click of authority to them. I act differently when wearing a suit, because there is a perception from society that comes with it.

But what if some day in the not too distant future, a suit is seen as a symbol of the working class? Perhaps the wealthiest will work from home or not have to work at all, and thus wear more casual attire, while a suit for a “lowly” white collar job becomes the dirty jeans of today?

Don’t take this as putting anyone’s profession down. I’m simply musing about status symbols and how they are entirely a construction of the society we live in. Maybe someday a pleasant personality will be the ultimate status symbol.


Well, what are you thinking?

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