Treating Writing as an Art

Sometimes art should be released the way the artist intended, without going through the whitewashing and scrubbing that can happen in commercialization.

Independent films can be horrible, but then so can mainstream films. But some independent movies are really hidden gems, and can bring you something unexpected, and actually new. Clearly Hollywood knows how to market, and how to draw crowds, but many movies are just rehashed old themes with predictable plots.

I get it, some things are meant to be entertainment, and therefore it makes sense to get experts to make it as entertaining as possible for the largest number of people. But other times, we might just want to let art be art.

Writing is a form of art. When a book is released, it should certainly have the proper grammar and punctuation, but there is something to be said for leaving a novel in the original form intended by the author.

That’s what is so great about self publishing. While it may be harder to reach a larger audience, self publishing allows the author to be remain an artist, instead of becoming an entertainer. And unlike movie makers, writers now have access to platforms that allow self publishing for practically free.

I am pleased to say that my second work of fiction will be published next week. It is called Flight Grounded, and it is a novella about a man named Jake who finds himself accused of a terrorist attack after witnessing something on a plane that had not yet taken off.

flight grounded

As he flees the authorities, trying to figure out who the real terrorists are, and why he is being blamed, Jake runs into two men who want to help him escape. But what they tell him about the world is unbelievable. Unfortunately, Jake does not have time to think while being pursued. He needs to make decisions on who to trust, with no possible way of judging what is the truth of the situation, or indeed the world.

My aim in writing Flight Grounded is to open up the mind of readers to critical thought about the society we live in. How much information or “truth” that you know can you actually verify? At some level we are all just trusting others for facts about the society we live in. But where did they get their information?

I hope this novella will spur readers to consider other perspectives of the world, and become more open minded in considering that perhaps all we have been taught is not the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Flight Grounded is on Amazon in paperback and e-book! Like the Facebook Page for updates!


15 thoughts on “Treating Writing as an Art

  1. As a reader, I abhor whenever writers say things like, “I write for myself.” OR “I produce art.” I want to buy books that are intended to entertain me.

    As a writer, I know how hard it is to entertain readers. If you start out with a goal to produce art or broaden minds, I don’t know how you ever achieve entertainment.

    Best of luck to you, though.

    • Isn’t the point of art entertainment? And why would you read anything that wouldn’t broaden your mind in some sense? Entertainment and art are not mutuallu exclusive. The point i was trying to make is that entertainment alone is not something i was aiming for. There is a deeper element to what i write which makes it more than simply entertainment.

      • The point I was making was that, when authors try to write books that “broaden their readers’ minds”, they usually fail to entertain. Maybe you can, somehow, do what others have failed to accomplish, but truthfully, I doubt it.

      • Do you think Tolkien was just writing a book about hobbits and orcs, or do you think he had a point to make? Unless an author is writing drivel, at some level they are trying to broaden the reader’s mind. But if that is the main goal, and the story is made to fit it then i agree that it will probably not be entertaining. I guess the only way you will find out is by reading my book. I look forward to your review.

      • Sorry, but I have no desire to read anything you’ve written. Again, I read for entertainment. If a writer isn’t creating something specifically for my entertainment, why should I bother?

      • I’m not judging; I’m simply playing the odds. I’ve encountered a lot of indie authors, and most can’t entertain readers even when that’s what they’re attempting to do. The fact that entertainment isn’t your primary goal makes the likelihood of you achieving it that much lower.

      • You are taking my use of the word art, and filling in your own definition. I thought it went without saying that the primary goal of art is entertainment; i never said i was doing this ”just for me”. But there are secondary goals; are you telling me that your blogging about politics

      • No. Blogging about politics is about politics. When I write fiction, it’s about entertaining the reader. Any political thoughts in my fiction are there only if they’re needed for story reasons.

      • I’ve always enjoyed reading and admired the way authors had the ability to captivate me. That experience of losing myself in a book that grabs me and won’t let me go is awesome.

        So yes, I want to entertain.

      • Absolutely i understand that. But how do you decide what to write about? Do you read studies about what is most entertaining to people, or does something inspire you?

      • In order to write a book that is likely to sell, an author must produce a book that readers want to read. This feat is usually accomplished in one of two ways:

        1. The author studies what books are selling in a particular genre to determine common traits. That author then includes those traits in the book.

        2. The author writes in a popular genre that that author enjoys and produces a book that meets that author’s needs as a reader.

        Overall, I think that approach 1 is easier and more likely to succeed. I typically apply approach 2.

        Reasonable? I don’t know, but that’s how I roll.

      • Yea i like that method. I melded the two however. I applied traits from popular books and wrote a book that i myself would enjoy reading. I also was inspired on the topic by my views of politics in america

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