Big Lagoon State Park and the Oar House Adventures

This is my sister’s blog, detailing their move down to Florida! She’s searching for a house, checking out the area, and I will be joining them in about a month’s time! Check it out!

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Well it’s Monday morning and Matt is off to his first day at the new job.  Stella and I will miss him but we will think of ways to keep ourselves busy.  Saturday we drove out to the suburbs of Pensacola to drive by some houses.  We were able to cross a few off our list because they were next to something dumpy looking, too close to other houses or just looked way more rough in person.  We were able to see the inside of 2 houses as well, both which had a lot of potential but needed a lot of work.  We also drove over to the prison camp and talked with the gentleman at the front gate so Matt would know where he needed to go on Monday.  Then we drove out to Pensacola Beach which is a much more touristy area but only about 15 minutes from…

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“The Greater Good”, Individual Good, and the Collective: What it means to be an individualist in a group

I wrote this for my other blog, but I figured it was philosophical enough for this one too!

Joe Jarvis

Collective: One Word, Two Meanings

Today, we can see the strategy of doublespeak from the novel 1984 being employed. Language is intentionally ill-defined so that people discuss semantics, and never get to the point of a substantive debate. I see this when collectivism versus individualism is discussed.

Coercion has been folded into the definition of collectivism, because most examples of collectivist philosophy have been implemented by force through government (with terrible consequences for both the individual and the group). So individualists, who believe the good of the group does not supersede the good of the individual, tend to shy away from collectivist philosophy.

But I don’t think coercion was ever meant to be part of the definition of collectivism. It was more of an ideal, that the individual might want to, or see value in, subverting his will to the will of the majority. But in order for any actual…

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2015: The Year of Writing

A new year can be invigorating. It can afford the opportunity to sort of wipe the slate clean, and start fresh. You can be motivated to organize, and set some goals. Unfortunately the classic “I’m going to go the the gym,” goal represents how most New Year’s resolutions go. You go to the gym for a week (maybe), and then slump back into the old ways.

Well many of my old ways aren’t so bad in my opinion, so it is just a matter of adjusting. Resolutions and goals do not have to be life altering or unrealistic. I wonder if some people would continue going to the gym if their goals were more realistic, like going once a week to start–that’s not so hard.

So my goal is to become a billionaire author and voice of a generation. Just kidding, that’s the five year goal, gotta give myself a little time after all. But last year I wrote a book, which I have been editing. Within a month I want to finish editing it, and send it to a couple small publishers to see what happens. I also have a couple other fiction projects I have planned out and begun to work on. I am really excited about writing books, so why not use that energy to propel the projects further.

Now that I know I can write a book, it will make working on the next one even easier because there is light at the end of the tunnel. I know my hard work is not doomed to be set aside on a table; I can finish writing a book, and have. That means I can chip away at it without fear of incomplete manuscripts piling up.

Before, I have felt slightly trapped in limbo in terms of my goals. I like writing, but I was trying to focus on blogging and government mostly. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, and for a long time I held onto the notion of entering politics. These days it is like I have awoken from a bad dream. I’m going to keep blogging, but focus mainly on writing fiction, instead of spreading myself too thin with other fruitless and time consuming activities.

But as a reader, there should be some fun posts to look forward to in the coming month. I am going to team up again with my photographer friend Ben Mancino for an interview, live a couple weeks on a strict food budget, and maybe talk a bit about the magic of music, how songs aren’t so different from spells.

I’m excited and invigorated, and I hope you are too! But the good news is, I’ll be here when you need a solid injection of positivity, or at very least distraction.

Runnin’ From the Cold Up in New England

I am currently in Savannah! Yesterday I made good time with 12 hours on the road and only a half hour for stops. After sleeping in my car, I did the final 5 hours to Savannah arriving at 10am. It was so nice to walk around the city and stretch my legs! It’s not bad here, but someday I hope to visit Savannah with the typical hot weather. Signs here restaurants urge people to come in and get warm!

Just me and my trusty steed.

Just me and my trusty steed.

I figured if the sun was rising on my left I must be going the right direction.

I figured if the sun was rising on my left I must be going the right direction.


Got to check the first thing off my list. I found that sign amusing.


I just like that they give you the option.


Some beautiful buildings in Savannah.


Reminds me of a movie set.


Is there something buzzing around my head?

Just wanted to update everyone on my trip so far, more to come! But now I gotta go grab an ale at the Pirate’s Bar!

Sorry for any formatting issues, I am trying to do this from my tablet to give y’all a play by play. Look, the south is already wearing off on me.